BONUS: Behind the scenes of Creative Elements and my creative career (Everything Is Marketing)

May 11, 2021

BONUS: Behind the scenes of Creative Elements and my creative career (Everything Is Marketing)
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Creating a top 1% podcast, community as culture, and unfair advantages in distribution

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I wanted to share a little bit of a different episode with you this week.

Back in episode #49 of this show, I spoke with Corey Haines, the creator of Swipe Files. Corey and I spent the majority of that episode talking about his approach to Product Hunt, and so we didn’t dive as deeplyinto Swipe Files as we probably should have.

But a big part of Swipe Files is Corey’s podcast, Everything Is Marketing. And in April, Corey interviewed me for that show.

He caught me at a really interesting time. And Corey got me talking about a few things that I’ve never talked about on any other podcast before, including:

  • The step by step process of developing Creative Elements
  • My secret plans of writing a book while I'm building this podcast
  • How I stair-stepped my way from selling services to selling digital products
  • And the number of random, lucky breaks that I grabbed ahold of over the years


We cover a lot of ground, and this really goes behind the curtain of both how I make this show and my own creative career up to this point.

Listen to my interview with Corey

Full transcript and show notes



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