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The Creator for Creators

Jay has a great show and unique style. Genuine and to the point. Highly recommended!

So glad I found this show

The content and guests are phenomenal, and it’s also been helpful to follow this show as I’m following Jay’s approach to inform more of my own content creator journey. Have referred it to a few friends already so five ⭐️s is definitely deserved!

Thoughtful & creative

Just re -found this podcast. ! Jay’s resume is strong … and u love to learn from the best. He is sooo thoughtful in his approach - a mini podcast on the why of his decision to rebrand-yet he’s Uber creative in all things in this creator economy. Give it a listen !

Actionable & insightful for the aspiring creator

I found Jay’s podcast earlier this year and it’s now a regular “gotta listen to” for me! All his episodes are inspiring and actionable and I look forward to each one. I especially loved the episode with Justin Walsh! Seriously so good!

Great show!

Jay is such an incredible host - his interviews are rich, inspiring and educative! I learn so much from each episode, and I can tell this show truly is a labor of love.

A Window to the World of Internet Creation

Jay Clouse's Creator Science is a gem. With a genuine passion for creation, Jay brings together a diverse range of guests to share their insights and experiences, resulting in a treasure trove of inspiration. The welcoming and positive atmosphere of the show makes it feel like you're listening to a friendly conversation with friends. The production quality is top-notch and I like how the episodes have a custom cartoon cover for each guest. Beyond the podcast, Jay has created a vibrant and supportive community that empowers creators from all walks of life.

Great show!

Jay is such an incredible host - his interviews are rich, inspiring and educative! I learn so much from each episode, and I can tell this show truly is a labor of love.

THE Podcast for digital builders

Jay’s podcast is great, so well crafted and amazingly executed. I find Jay always asks the questions I’m curious about during an interview, planning on doing a total binge from Ep.1!

Amazing for content creators

Creator Science is one of the most bingeable podcasts I know. Each person interviewed is an expert in their field & the conversations are so actionable. Definitely worth a listen!

Actionable and inspiring

I’m a relatively new listener to the show and have already learned A TON. I love the way the episodes are woven together and consistently hear so much value shared in this podcast. Highly recommend!

Jay’s podcast is a must for Solopreneurs!

I’ve listened to multiple episodes. I love how applicable the conversations are to so many different points of the solopreneur journey. Always good to remind ourselves to only try to use the advice from people on step ahead of you. Jay does a great job of making these distinctions to locate actionable advice for your situation.

Must listen!

Jay is, without a doubt, one of the best interviewers out there. He has a unique talent for creating a comfortable and friendly environment that puts his guests at ease, allowing for more in-depth and thoughtful discussions. What I particularly admire about Jay is his dedication to research, as he always goes the extra mile to research his guests and their work, which results in a more enlightening conversation. I also appreciate how he often references other sources and delves deeper into the topics that are discussed, which creates a rich and engaging listening experience. Additionally, his YouTube channel is a must-watch!

Actionable tips

Jay’s podcast weaves interesting stories with actionable tips that I can use as a solopreneur.

Love this podcast!

Jay always has relevant and incredibly interesting guests on this show—and I’ve gleaned a ton of useful insights from each episode I listen to! Keep up the awesome work Jay!

Add this to your rotation

Tons of value whether you’re a new or experienced creator. Thanks Jay and keep doing what you’re doing!

Where creators go to be inspired

As a content creator myself I value hearing from people that are living the life and being successful doing it. But what makes this show exceptional is Jay’s open nature with his own thoughts and struggles and his ability to know what kind of guests can help his listeners give you insight no matter at what stage you are on your path as a content creator. Relax, settle in, and before long you will realize you are with friends that understand you.


My mom told me about this podcast, and now I love listening to Creative Elements! There is so much to learn from each episode. Excited to listen to all of them!

Great content and superior audio

Fantastic advice for creative entrepreneurs!


I’ve just discovered Creative Elements and it makes me smile every time I listen to it. It’s based around creativity and entrepreneurship and is PACKED with value and interesting interviews. I’ve learned so much already and am delighted there’s so many episodes that I can binge.


Really appreciate the encouragement and positivity during every episode I listen to with Jay!

Solid podcast!

Definitely worth adding to your pod subs!

Fantastic, actionable content

Incredible content that’s very actionable for entrepreneurs. A lot of big shows are filled with strategy and fluff- Jay interviews people that give very real, actionable tactics and advice!

Creative ideas

I work in the financial realm (not very creative) but somehow Jay’s podcast stirs up all sorts of ideas that I can apply to my work to improve my service to clients and make it more enjoyable for me. Thanks, Jay!

Fire podcast

Interviews are all done well, can’t wait to see what’s next

This Santa Approves!

Jay never fails to deliver with interesting guests and some of the best interviews I've ever come across. He asks all the questions I have in my head and more. I don't think I've ever come away from listening to an episode and not had it stick with me for the rest of the week/month. I am blown away with the value Jay delivers on a consistent basis and recommend the pod to anyone who will listen to me. Keep up the great work buddy!!

Good pod

I like it

Recommended today

Jay always brings the best guests on - and he’s able to ask questions succinctly to let the guest shine. I learn something new every time I tune in

One of the best!

I love this podcast and the assorted variety of creative guests. Jay does a great job asking thought provoking questions and the whole experience is excellent!

A Must FOR creators

When people tell me that they want to be a creator for a living, Creative Elements is always a recommendation.