[BONUS] Resonance Revisited with Jay Acunzo on Unthinkable

January 06, 2022

[BONUS] Resonance Revisited with Jay Acunzo on Unthinkable
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Re-examining how far we’ve come in trying to understand one key concept of the show: Resonance.

I recently started a mini-series of episodes on the show called Jay-Talking with my friend Jay Acunzo. Those episodes are intended to be a little more raw and really feel more like you are a fly on the wall listening to a conversation between the two of us.

Well, Jay recently had me on HIS show, Unthinkable, to continue the Jay-Talking series.

We are talking about one of his favorite topics, the idea of Resonance. As Jay likes to say, marketing isn't about who arrives, it’s about who stays.

We chatted about Resonance and how he can talk about that topic in a way that resonates with guys like me who may NOT yet be focused as much as resonance as we are on reach or revenue.

It’s a fun conversation, and so I’m going to share the episode in it’s entirety today on the feed.

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